Link4 is a guatemala based social enterprise that fosters Local Innovation and Sustainable Development through design, capacity building and Social Impact experiences.


We bring people together, make space for new types of thinking & inspire actions for a more sustainable way of life.




Our immersive, hands-on, Social impact experiences provide a unique environment where groups and individuals learn and apply the skills and mindsets of Design Thinking and Co-Creation by contributing to solve real, relevant challenges, alongside local innovators in a colorful indigenous Guatemalan village.



These opportunities have changed each of us in such positive ways that will have effects throughout our lives and careers.
— J.W.
we are incredibly grateful for your invitation for us to share in those unique and really transformative opportunities.
— O.S.
We all clearly formed a deep respect for the households, a sense of family, and a remarkable connection.
— M.L.
the iterative (design) process with the local women was both humbling and more educational than tests in the lab or reading textbooks would ever be
— N.M.
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On the shores of mystical Lake Atitlán, colorful Santa Catarina Palopó -an indigenous Guatemalan village of skilled artisan weavers - is home to the work of link4.



we are on a mission to improve the living conditions of local families and foster cultural identity; Through “hogares sostenibles” we provide access to innovative technologies and services, creative capacity building and training, and connect families with income generation opportunities.


hogares sostenibles


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