Design Education

We believe design, as a tool for change, should be accessible to everyone. Design empowers people, awakens our human creative potential, makes us more emphatic, analytic and turns us into active agents able to invent, innovate and inspire each other to create new solutions that allow us to improve our surroundings, whatever those are. So, from the biggest company to rural communities we want Design education for all.

Parallel, Link4 aims to educate and connect people to important global issues, and to provide tangible linkages between technical knowledge and its application to create positive social impact in the real world. So our experiential design programs focus both on fostering local innovation within our partner communities around beautiful Lake Atitlán and on empowering teams, strengthening their creative capacity and transforming their ability to work together, as they experience the co-creative design process in a community working together towards sustainability.

IDDS Sustainable Homes

During the International Development Design Summit - IDDS Sustainable Homes, 52 participants carefully selected collaborated in 8 multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, composed by members of rural communities, social entrepreneurs, academics and professionals, who represented 10 different countries ...

Storytelling Cube

The Storytelling Cube is an empathy and co-creation tool that allows a diverse group of people to know each other in a very humble, fun and respectful way...

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Exchange Program: Communities andEnvironment: Guatemala

Date:  4 - 17 February, 2018

Applications close:  30 September, 2017

Join us in Guatemala, land of the ancient Mayans, volcanoes, jungle and lakes, and vibrant communities filled with traditional beliefs and lifestyles. Experience the best of Guatemala, including ancient ruins and colonial Antigua, misty Lake Atitlan and colourful villages. Learn about sustainability and living in harmony with nature as we explore this diverse country, and work with partners committed to ensuring we provide future generations with a rich world ...