Link4 is a design company that fosters Local Innovation and Development through product design, capacity building and cross-learning experiences across the corporate, international development and educational sectors.

We believe:

We can all be Designers, and we all should. Link4 helps organizations become more innovative by empowering and activating the creative potential within us all.  

Diversity is key.  Link4 creates spaces for non traditional relationships through multicultural, multisectoral and multidisciplinary exchange that fosters creativity, collaboration and develops empathy- the most essential skill in design.

Complex challenges are best solved collaboratively.  Link4 helps to transform the way people interact and work together so everyone is engaged, included, while much better results are achieved.

Working with rather than just working for. Link4 partners, in every project/program with key stakeholders to generate value by co-creating products, services and experiences that empower communities, businesses and students.

Local Innovation is best.  Link4 recognizes the importance of international development and aid but also understands the need for local actors from the public, social, business and academic sectors to be connected and be responsible the development of impactful projects that promote sustainable development from a local perspective. We believe they all need to be Linked by Design.

Design Education for all. Link4 works to make design education accessible to everyone. From private sector to rural communities - design education for all!


Link 4 is a partner of  MIT’s  International Development Innovation Network.